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Programme Co-ordinator :

Dr. Lee Cowley :

B.Sc. ( Chemistry ) ( 1978 ) ( University of Toronto)

D.C. ( Doctorate in Chiropractic ) ( 1978 ) ( Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College)

B. Math ( 1990 ) ( University of Waterloo )

Ll.B. ( Bachelor of Laws )( 1996 ) ( University of Victoria )

Called to the Bar of British Columbia, Canada ( 1997 )

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Physiotherapists in Canada

Physiotherapists in Canada are important and respected members of the medical team,

along with physicians and nurses, They work in either hospital settings or in private practice.

Physiotherapists earn high salaries, up to $100,000 or more. Many physiotherapists are business

people who employ other physiotherapists and operate very luccrative multi-million dollar businesses.

The population in Canada is aging.  As such, physiotherapists are in constant demand.



1.   To work as a physiotherapist in Canada, an individual must have a  Master's  or Doctorate degree

in physiotherapy from a recognized university. The process then is :

( 1 ) the individual obtains an Evaluation from a reputable agency as to the likelihood that his or her

applications for permanent residence status and accreditation will be successful

( 2 ) the individual must then take the IELTS Engish proficiency examinations and demonstrate

minimal acceptable competency in written and verbal English

( 3 ) he or she makes an application for permanent residence in Canada while, at the same time,

having his or her academic and professional qualifications accredited by the official Canadian accredting


( 4 ) by the time the individual is approved for migration to Canada, he or she will have a list of

" deficiencies" identified by the Canadian accrediting agency that would have to be fulfilled in order

to be permitted to sit for the Canadian licensing examinations.

( 5 ) once the individual comes to Canada, he or she must satisfy the Canadian accredting agency

that he or she has taken the proper educational programmes to remove all of the identified

deficiences, While fulfilling these educational requirements, he or she is permitted to work in Canada

but not asa physiotherapist. Many such individuals find employment in private physiotherapy clinics as

"physiotherapy assistants". In this way, they can pay their living expenses while going through the

accreditation process.

( 6 ) Once all of the deficiences are met, the individual may sit for the registarion exams.  On passing

the examinations, the individual can be licensed as a physiotherapist.


2.   A non- Canadian trained physiotherapist with a Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy or

diploma in physiotherapy has a more difficult and longer route to being licensed as a physiotherapist

in Canada. Such individuals can migrate to Canada but cannot work in Canada until they obtain their

Master's degree. They can achieve a Canadian Master's degree :

( a ) in two years if they hold a Bachelor's degree from a non-Canadian university that is considered

theequivalent of a Canadian Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy. If the degree is not considered

equivalent,the individual would have to upgrade.

( b ) in six years if they hold a diploma in physiotherapy.

While the individual is studying in Canada, he or she can legally work but not as a physiotherapist.

Many such individuals work as physiotherapy assistants.


3.   Alternatively, a non- Canadian trained physiotherapist with a Bachelor's degree in physiotherapy

ora diploma in physiotherapy can obtain Permanent Residence status in Canada and then return to

theircountry of origin to obtain the Master's degree needed to sit for the Canadian licensing





Frequently Asked Questions about Working in Canada as a Physiotherapist


( 1 ) Is it easy to get a job in Canada as a physiotherapist ?

Once you are qualified, you will have many competing offers of employment from government,

hospital and private employers.


( 2 ) How long does the process take ?

If you are well organized and provide the agency with all the information requested in a timely

manner,the process of application for Permanent Residence and accrediting of credntials will take

from twelveto eighteen months.


( 3 ) Can I bring my family with me ?



( 4 ) Do I need an agency to assist me ?

No.  However, the process is complex and it would be very difficult, if not impossible,

to navigateon your own. You do not want to wait up to eighteen months and then

get rejected because you have failed to provide some necessary information or that

you or a family member are medically excluded from Canada.


(  5 ) How does your agency assist candidiates ?

First of all, our agency is very different than most of the other agencies that assist

people with immigration to Canada.  We specialize in health professionals and know

all the ins and outs of the very complicated processes of immigration and accreditation.

The Programme Co-ordinator is a Canadian doctor and lawyer who is familiar with all

the medical and legal requirements.


( 6 ) What services does your agency offer ?

Our agency offers the following services:



In depth analysis of your potential application with an opinion of the anticipated

success of your application.

Nobody should even attempt to begin the process without such an evaluation.

This is an evaluation of both your potential permanent residence application as

well as your application for accreditation.


Permanent Residence Application

This is the application that, if accepted, allows you and your family to migrate

to Canada as permannet residents and candidiates for Canadian citizenship.


Accreditation Application

This is the application that examines your professioal qualifications and assesses

the deficiences that must be met in order for you to sit for the Canadian registration



Educational Programme

We co-ordinate with the sources of the educational programmes to ensure that

you take the courses needed to fufill the identified deficiences,


Study Programme for the Canadian Registration Examinations

You would not want to make an attempt to pass the examinations without

being enrolledin a specific study programme.  Our programmes are taught by

recent Canadian physiotherapy graduates who are familar with both the written

and practical aspects of the examination.


Arranged Employment Opportunities

You may require an Arranged Employment Opportunity ( AEO ) Certificate to

qualify for the immigration process.  We can arrange for these certificates.

Also, you may want us to assist in identifing employment opportunities in Canada

as a physiotherapy assistant or similar positions that will allow you to survive finacially

until you are licensed as a physiotherapist in Canada,


Our Full Inland Support Package

This programme holds your hand and that of your family members for the first two

years that you are in Canada.  We assist with finding housing and schools.  We identify

mosques or other places of worship.We hook you up with community resouces.

We even provide you with free specified legal services.


( 7 ) How much does it cost ?





Permanent Residence Application

$3000 for the primary applicant

$1000 for spouse

$500 for each child

Please Note: The Government of Canada charges application fees in addition to

the above fees.


Accreditation Application


Please Note: The Canadian accreditation agency charges application fees in addition

to the above fees.



Educational Programme


Please Note: The colleges or universities offering these educational programmes

charge application fees in addition to the above fees.



Study Programme for the Canadian Registration Examinations

Individual Study - $2000

Group Study - $1000

Please Note: The Physiotherapy Association charges application fees in addition

to the above fees.



Arranged Employment Opportunities

AEO Certificate - $5000

AEO without certificate - $2500


Our Full Inland Support Package

$1000 for the primary applicant

$500 for each additional applicant


Please Note: The above fees are subject to Canadian HST ( Harmonized Sales Tax ) of 12 %


( 8 ) If I am interested but I want more information, what do I do ?

Contact the Prpgramme Co-ordinator by email:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


( 9 ) If I am interested and want to go ahead, what do I do ?

Contact the Programme Co-ordinator as above and express your interest in an " Evaluation ".

Arrangements can be made for payment ( $500 plus $60 HST tax ),  You will then be emailed

a package which we will ask you to fully complete and return by email.  Within two weeks

at the latest, you will receive a written opinion. If you wish then to take further steps towards

migration to Canada, you will be advised as to the process,

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